DAMS Accoustic Hubs

Dams Acoustic Hubs ( Hushhubs)

Privacy can be difficult to find in a modern, open plan office. From the smallest hub, which is like a telephone booth and adequate for one person, to the largest which can accommodate groups, Hushhubs can be adapted and customised to fit your own office requirements, creating multiple working zones in one place. The biophilic approach of our hub design helps to create a welcoming environment and has a marked effect on our creativity.


Media wall 1 metre wide panel for use with Hushhubs
Solid, post and beam construction made from kiln-dried, natural European Oak
Provide a designated shelter for employees to escape from the busy work environment,
Offering visual and acoustic privacy with endless functionality
Customise with your own choice of colours, fabrics, laminates and manifestations
Biophilic design in the workplace, inspired by the natural world
5 years Warranty

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