Kulik Fly Chair

Kulik Fly chair range

Ergonomic armchair for teens FLY

The special light contour, flawless elegance of lines – these are the distinctive features of armchair FLY for teens by Kulik System. By selecting this model, you will solve the problem of children’s correct posture and get a perfect assistant for education and entertainment for your active kids. FLY will reliably protect the back of your child!

Kulik Teens Fly Chair options


Upholstery – eco leather, Genuine Leather or Fabric Base – chrome
Footing Ring Base Headrest angle adjustment
Backrest and seat inclination adjustment Armrest adjustment
Soft padded armrests Seat height adjustment
Backrest vertical adjustment Rubberized castors
Load bearing – 80 кg For kids 8-14 years


Kulik System specialists focusing on the latest environmental requirements, chose the best natural upholstery, stylish and high quality. Leather goods are always in style and are the mark of a person who is steady and who values strong foundations. We can say that leather is one of our favorite fabrics, as it is strong, but works with you and your lifestyle, it looks amazing and is extremely durable.


Azure is a new type of upholstery with a wide range of colors. The fabric has a fine and dense weave, and consolidated basis, which includes cotton. Azure has a natural framework that enables you to create a feeling of comfort and convenience, both in the office and in the home interior.


Eco leather is a high-tech product of future technologies. It is flexible, soft and elastic. By conducting air and providing ventilation, eco leather does not conduct water vapor. Thanks to this feature, eco leather is nice and warm to the touch.


Antara belongs to a new generation of upholstery fabrics. One touch to it allows you to experience the harmony of comfort and style. Naturality and ease of care of this fabric is achieved by using high-tech fiber with antistatic and Teflon properties. Antara is very resistant to wear, and any contamination is easily removed from the surface of the fabric, which allows using it for many years.


Perforated eco leather is the upholstery, which imitates natural leather and “breathes”. Perforation improves quality of ventilation and thermal control of the material.


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