Sven Fulcrum reception desks


Sven Fulcrum reception desk range

Desks and counters comprise modules, listed below, that are combined to form the desired layout.

Rectangular modules – desk height

Individual modules from 800mm to 2000mm wide. Multiple modules may be placed side by side  to create receptions of any desired width.

Concave and Convex modules – desk height

Large (1500mm radius) corner modules that both link other modules at 90° and provide additional seating space on the user side.

Radius link base

Small, compact corner module that links other modules at 90° but does not provide additional seating space on the user side.

Recessed Panels

Rectangular, convex, concave and radius link modules offer the option of recessed panels on either or both sides, optimising knee space when desks are linked together.

Access gates

These comprise both a hinged top and hinged back panel. With just the back panel hinged back the gate provides enhanced access for a wheelchair-using visitor. When the top is hinged up also it provides a passage through to the rear of the reception.


Deskovers are timber modules – like miniature desks – 370mm deep x 373mm high which are located on top of desk height modules to create higher, counter height sections which may extend over part or all of a counter layout. Deskovers are offering in sizes and shapes to match the desk base units, with the addition of modules that cover just half the arc of a convex or concave desk modules, making it possible to leave half the lower module open, or fit it with a glass shelf. Deskovers are often specified in combination with glass shelves, creating areas respectively of greater privacy and greater openness.

In addition to the basic shape, deskovers are offered with D-ends that overfly the end panel, on either or both ends, plus variants with D-ends and corresponding D-ended backpanels.

Glass Shelves

Shelves in 10mm thick thermally toughened safety glass to BSEN 12150, supported on round columns. Available in sizes and shapes to match the desk base units and with or without perforated steel backpanels. Columns and backpanels are available in zinc or polished stainless steel.


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