Sven Reception Desks Veneer


Sven Fulcrum reception desk range


Counters may comprise a single module, or multiple modules combined to form a seamless whole. Straight counter modules are offered from 800mm wide to 2800mm wide and there are both concave and convex curved modules. Each counter module features an integral desk surface and 80mm thick counter height rear panel, optionally capped with a glass shelf supported on polished stainless steel columns. Height is 1080mm with glass shelf or 998mm without. There are four desk height ‘contact’ modules: one designed to fit between two straight modules, two to fit to the left or right of a module, and one that forms a desk height corner segment linking two rectangular modules at 90°. There is an additional desk height rectangular module with inset back panel for enhanced wheelchair access, available in four widths. An access gate, with hinged top and door, may be specified for installation between a counter and a wall.

All modules have a polished stainless steel kick strip on the visitor side. Recessed panels are automatically fitted on the user side where panels join, to maximise knee room.

The front of any counter may be fitted with a Perspex graphics panel in a range of sizes, signwritten to customer requirements.