Reception Desks MDD Wave

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MDD Wave Reception Desk Range

Shaped with simple elegance, our new Wave reception impresses with a subtle ocean wave design expressing a sense of calmness. The white Lacobel glass top with the added decorative strips at the front and bottom, add to its fresh and sleek appeal. 

The Wave gracefully adapts to one’s individual needs and tastes.

For this reason, it is available in a variety of modules and colors. Standard front comes in white, blue, orange and green.


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This is a small selection of the MDD Reception Desk range free space panning service available

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Designed with all size reception areas in mind, as well as an array of individual needs and tastes, Wave is available in a variety of both modules and finish colours. We also offer a free space planning service

Colours available are White, Blue, Burgundy, Green, Fuchsia, Yellow,  & Orange

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