Height adjustable desks

Why use a height adjustable desk ?

Sit Stand desk makes it easy to change your position from sitting to standing throughout the day – and keep your body active.

Although it may sound strange to some, it’s surprisingly easy to work while standing. In fact, moving from sitting to standing frequently throughout the day activates the muscles and stimulates blood-flow around the body – helping you focus for longer.

The desk is incredibly simple to use, with a steady electric mechanism controlled by up and down buttons. The rectangular surface is sturdy and spacious, Oak wood finish, and the adjustability means you can reap the rewards of sitting less, which studies show include a reded risk of:

– Obesity
– Type II diabetes
– Cardiovascular event
– Death caused by cardiovascular event
(Study by Loughborough University and the University of Leicester)

Dams height adjustable desks

click on image below to see Dams range of sit stand desks



Solution Sit Stand Desks

click on image to see Solution range below of sit stand desks



Hawk Sit Stand Desks

click on image below to see Hawk ranges of sit stand desks


Lee & Plumpton Height Adjustable Desks

click on image below to view Lee & Plumpton  sit stand desks



Sven Height Adjustable Desks

click on image below to see the Sven Hi Rise range



Budget Height adjustable Desks

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