Wave Desks

Sven X Range Wave Desks

Wave desks 800mm deep at one end curving out to 1000mm deep at the other, providing a deeper surface for use with a monitor and keyboard. Available 1400mm to 1800mm wide.

Compact Wave Desks
Compact wave units “wave in” from 800mm to 600mm or 525mm, compared to a conventional wave desk’s 1000mm to 800mm. This saves a very useful 200mm – yet when facing into the wave there is still more than adequate knee room. The small widths available add to the space-saving appeal. Compact wave workstations (1200mm to 1600mm wide) have an integral pedestal and offer exceptional value, while compact wave desks (1200mm wide) offer the flexibility of placing a pedestal (deep or shallow) to either side, extending the usable top surface.


Double Wave Desks

Double wave desks curve out to a depth of 1000mm at both ends, providing the benefits of a wave desk combined with the flexibility of being unhanded. Available in 1600mm and 1800mm widths.
Compact Double Wave Desks
Compact version of the Double Wave desk, waving in from 800mm to a minimum of 600mm deep in the centre (compared with 100mm to 800mm on a standard desk). Available in 1400mm and 1600mm widths.